Font Ideas for Website

A bad font choice can have a negative impact, strain the eye and can affect your website engagement. However a right choice can enhance readability and attract viewers.

Before diving into the best website fonts, you need to understand the difference between fonts and typefaces. Most people use the words “font” and “typeface” interchangeably, but they are not the sameTypefaces are a group of letters, characters, and numbers that share the same design. Examples of these are Arial, Helvetica, and Comic Sans.

Contrary to popular opinion, these are not fonts. So what exactly is a font?

Fonts are made up of a typeface, including its size, weight, and width chosen for that particular typeface. If Arial is a typeface, then “10-point Arial Italic” or “12-point Arial Bold” would be its fonts.

So how to choose the best fonts for your website?

Different font styles convey different personalities.

Different fonts convey different feelings. While serif fonts convey tradition, respect, and reliability, sans serif fonts may convey stability and objectivity. If you’re building a legal business, you may opt for serif fonts.

Your font affects your reader’s ability to read your blog better.

Who’s your blog’s target market? Font size for blog matters for a variety of reasons.

A blog with older readers benefits from having larger fonts and basic typefaces to help seniors better decipher text.

It expresses professionalism.

The correct use of typography in your website reflects your professionalism. The right use of text size and font spells the difference between gaining the trust of your customers or driving them away to another site with a more presentable look.

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